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How to Warm-Up Before a Run

I’m super thankful that as a runner and triathlete I had a support system that taught me a lot of the things I now pass on to beginner runners through this blog and through personal interactions. Whenever I get a chance to share some of the knowledge on other platforms, I’m all for it.

Back in March I shot video with an ABS-CBN Lifestyle crew for a whole day at La Mesa Ecopark.  We went through a lot of the basic things runners take for granted: how to warm-up, how to cool-down, and gear essentials. After a bit of time in post-production, the first of the videos to come out from this shoot was uploaded yesterday — quite coincidentally, on my birthday.

I told them when we were shooting that I have a “Seven Dwarves” problem when it comes to trying to remember which moves to do when warming up — I always forget one or two. So the ones I show in this video are the ones I always remember (I mention six warm-up moves).

In races where I have a lot of time on my hands before the gun start, I limber up with these moves — even if the race starts off with a swim instead of a run. Not only do these warm-up moves help me increase range of motion safely, but warming up also gets me into a racing mindset and calms my nerves. There’s nothing like total focus on executing movements correctly to silence that “monkey mind” that frequently is the source of anxiety.

I actually already shot a version of this for my own Youtube channel, but the professional production on the video you’re about to see makes it such a pleasure to watch. Enjoy, and I hope you can make use of these warm-up moves before your next run!

– Noelle De Guzman

Watch below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjBfybU6MuY

REFERENCE: https://kikayrunner.com/2019/07/howto-warmup-run-tilt-asia/
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