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Lakbay Museo: An Interactive Place That Will Let You Travel The Philippines In Just A Day!

No need to ride an actual jeepney, a vinta, or an airplane, because Lakbay Museo has its own replica of these and it will take you on a tour around the Philippines. “Paano ka maglalakbay?” is written on the wall of his museum, making it perfect for anyone who wants to travel and seek adventure.

Perfect for those love travelling, the museum is not only home to replicas of 11 Philippine landmark destinations, but also to regional cuisines which visitors can taste upon visiting. Everyone is given 12 chips as soon as they enter the area; these can be used to buy mouth-watering delicacies in the carinderiakakanin, and tusok-tusok booths. Also found in the area are free tastes of lambanog from diverse provinces, regional variations of vinegar, coffee, and many more.

The museum also showcases a replica of 600 regional dishes and models of different fruits, vegetables, and fishes. It aims to revive dying cultures and heritage as some of the food duplicates are already extinct or are unknown to the public. For the young ones, it’s a chance to explore Filipino heritage and cultivate it. Meanwhile, for the young at heart, this could be the perfect place to reminisce your childhood favorites.

While you roam around, cultural dances are performed too, giving the visitors a glimpse of indigenous art and culture. The crew facilitating the tour are also dressed from head to toe in different ethnic clothing – from the usual Baro’t Saya to various pieces of traditional woven clothing found all over the Philippines.

It’s really no doubt that the museum is Instagram-friendly, with unique finds such as large longganisa and empanada from the faux Calle Crisologo, to large barbecue and squid balls to even getting that perfect old barbero aesthetic, the museum is nothing short of festive and awesome for those who are game for the Filipino travel experience in a millennial fashion.

The museum is not only driven by passion for the Filipino culture as it is also advocacy-oriented. The company hires PWDs, senior citizens, and children who are out of school. Lakbay Museo is also environment-friendly as its construction is made out of materials such as old slippers, used rubber tires and car mats, and recyclable materials of the like.

Located at S Maison in Conrad Manila at the Mall of Asia Complex, Lakbay Museo is a must-visit for each and every Filipino and Filipino wannabes who want to appreciate the Philippines’ art, culture, and heritage.  Undoubtedly enjoyable for the Pinoy by blood and Pinoy at heart, it is set to open to the public this coming July 12.

Lakbay Museo

S Maison, Conrad Manila, MOA

REFERENCE: https://www.wheninmanila.com/look-this-first-filipino-themed-interactive-museum-will-let-you-travel-from-luzon-to-mindanao-in-just-a-day/
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